Is It Possible to Apply for A Credit Card Abroad?

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Is It Possible to Apply for A Credit Card Abroad?

It is faster than you think and you have a negative Credit Bureau entry. You forgot to pay a cell phone bill and the doors to accounts, credit and credit cards are locked.

In the meantime it is possible to get a credit card without a Credit Bureau query. We are talking about credit cards that were applied for abroad. The advantage here is that there is no protection association for general credit protection (Credit Bureau) outside of Germany, or banks abroad do not receive Credit Bureau information. Therefore, you can also apply for accounts and credit cards with a negative Credit Bureau entry abroad.

However, you should note that due to the low level of security on the part of the bank, the conditions may be worse. For example, you usually have to pay higher annual fees, only get a limited amount available, and you may have to pay a “deposit” as security for the bank.

Terms and Conditions of Credit Cards

You should therefore be able to understand the terms and benefits associated with the credit card before signing the application. There is also the option of paying agents for credit card applications, but it is advisable to apply for the credit card either personally or online.

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Agents often cooperate with different banks and there is no guarantee that they will really find the cheapest offer for you or that you will not mediate to fraudsters. Nowadays, everyone has the opportunity to find out more on the Internet and download applications or call the relevant bank.

When choosing the country, you should take care not to apply for your credit card in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia (excluding Japan). Many counterfeit credit cards come from these countries and therefore some retailers have become cautious and do not accept these credit cards. The card number can be used to determine which country the credit card comes from. Credit cards from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Canada are recommended.

If you need a credit card without Credit Bureau, there are also corresponding solutions in Germany. So there is still the possibility to apply for a credit card on a credit basis (e.g. prepaid credit cards). With this type of credit card, you must first top up your credit card in order to use your credit card.

So you are not granted a credit (many therefore deny that prepaid cards are “real” credit cards) and therefore the bank issues you this credit card without Credit Bureau, as there is no risk of over-indebtedness or overdrafting of the account.

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Inform yourself in the credit card forum about the various credit card offers and find the credit card that is best suited for you!

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